4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, August 26, 2011

Living High On The Hog!

Today, we had our last dose of Augmentin, the antibiotic for the ear infection.  Unfortunately, Andi also came down with a cold this week.  Luckily, she's doing much better, and now is just fighting to get the junk out of her lungs.  Lil' beast won't nap again today... so, I figure, she MUST be feeling better. 

My super-duper friend-o-rama, Julio, lent me her sewing machine.  What an amazing difference it has made, in speed and helping me lay off my choice vocabulary.  I have been Martha fricken Stewart sewing Andi some cummerbunds.  Sadly, the six I made with the material I bought, are useless until she grows a few inches in the waist.  I failed to realize that the material was super stretchy... and so, they suck. So far, the best bet is a tight cotton flannel receiving blanket cut in half.  Better yet would be getting rid of the leaking disaster ... *insert crickets humming here.*  I just had to strip her high chair cover to wash it, again, because, she came off a quick bolus of pedialyte, and had a wet tush, because of the leak on the last feed.  **I'm way beyond, 'calgon!' here.**  G-Tube disaster continues.

In any case, last night I saw a baby girl in a restaurant.  Her Mom was walking her around, holding her hands above her... I don't normally ask, but last night, I asked, 'how old is she?'  "10 months!"  I think my jaw dropped to the floor.  I mumbled some stuff about Andi and why I was asking.  I asked, 'do you happen to know how much she weighs?'  I think she said 26 lbs or so.  She must've seen the look of shock or jealousy on my face because she added, 'she's in the 98% in weight.'  *editing my cussword*.  I found it depressing.  Andi's doing great... no doubt.  It's just every once in awhile you let a little bit of other's reality in and get a little b-slapped in the face.  It stings.  But then you dust yourself off, put on your big girl pants, pour an extra large glass of wine (...uhm, yeah, sometimes!) and then you get over yourself. 

Tonight it's O'Doul's.  Yep, another wild Friday night. Me. Bean. Mad. Laundry. O'Doul's. I'm sure everyone is just wishing they had it so good! 

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