4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts!

We had a very, very busy weekend of fun and firsts!

First of all, we had a genius idea Friday night to get on ETSY and put 'g-tube' in the search field.  I found a woman selling a cummerbund similar to what I've been trying to create.  I told her in my purchase, that Andi's g-tube leaks awful.  She wrote back and said she had that problem with her daughter's g-tube and that problem resolved when they put in a mini-one button.  I've googled and will ask the powers that be about it.

Saturday, we ended up taking Andi back to the Oregon Zoo.  This time though, we took a picnic lunch and grubbed in the grass while Andi took a really good nap.  When she awoke, we started our exploration.  Andi made a few friends.

This trip to the zoo, we took Andi on her first choo-choo train!  She seemed to enjoy the trip through the forest.

After several hours at the zoo, we decided it was the weekend to take her to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.  So, we headed to the house to pack, pick up Mad, and secure us a hotel room.  We called about 20 places, and finally resigned ourselves to staying at the Proposal Rock Inn in Neskowin.  It's north of Lincoln City, which is home to one of two coast restaurants we know we like.  So, we headed into Lincoln City for dinner. Normally, we bring Andi into a restaurant environment in her car seat.  If she fusses, we hold her.  However, after holding her and resting her in her car seat, we got a wild hair and tried Andi in the restaurant high chair.  At first, she braced herself with a bit of fear in her eyes, then she made herself at home.

The next morning, we spent a bit of time on the beach and let Maddux enjoy a nice fresh water swimming hole he discovered. After that, we packed up the truck and headed south to Newport.  After standing in a huge line for a half-hour, we finally got through the entrance.  Andi is a big fan of the fishes in the aquarium.  She always seems totally mesmerized, that's why we thought the Oregon Coast Aquarium would be a lot of fun.  We were not disappointed.  She was very engaged and put her hands up to the glass, even chatted with the "fishies!"  I was going to video tape the chatter, but all the other kids were a bit too loud. The walk-through shark tunnel was pretty cool, but she didn't seem too excited by the sharks, just the bright colored fishies seemed to entice the chatterbox.  My favorite was all the times she waved "hi!" to the fish. 

After the aquarium, we went into town and had a super yummy lunch. 

Our only problem this weekend was the junk in Andi's lungs.  She's been puking almost every feed after coughing.  I'm guessing the junk in her lungs is making her gag when she coughs.  We had to go to the outlet store for not only a few warmer clothes, but for more blankets, as we'd gone through all of ours trying to clean her up.  It was a fun weekend, full of unforgettable firsts.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! She's coming up with firsts so often these days! :)