4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ear Infections

We saw the ENT the other day and he is treating Andi for ear infections.  You know it's bad when the pharmacist hands you the Augmentin and asks, 'wait, weren't you just on this?'  "Uhm, yep!"  We're to see him again in two weeks, to see if there's still a fluid build up in her ears.  He also might scope her nose, to see if he can determine why she has a chronic runny nose.  He said if the passageway has narrowed, her nose might not be able to drain properly. Andi also seems to be fighting off a bit of a cold.  She's been coughing and fighting with some thick saliva & a not uncommon, runny nose.

I've been pushing her feed, which is causing more leakage.  I checked the balloon in the g-tube and added an additional 3/4 ml of water.  Today, I pushed the speed of the feed a bit, and she's puked all three feeds.  No dice. 

Andi has discovered the outlet where the TV/electronics and surge protector plug into the wall.  She's attracted to it.  Sadly, she's more attracted to it than the weatherman.

Well, I just changed her outfit and she's rolled around on the floor for the past five minutes, and now her outfit is wet.  JOY!

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