4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wellness Check -- Unwell Check

We met with Andi's pediatrician today for her 1 year wellness check.  Normally, this appointment would include shots, but since Andi has a fever - it wasn't recommended that she get them today.  Yep, the snot monster has given her a fever -- which means either ear infection or aspiration pneumonia.  Both are treated with antibiotics, so it doesn't matter what it is -- the treatment is the same.  She's already on a low-dose amoxicillian to keep the UTI's away, but, this one, Augmentin, is going to hopefully fix whatever is ailing the Bean.

I know I can't expect to keep her in a plastic bubble, but ding-dang people... a cold to a kid that's already been through the tenth layer of hell is a lot harder for them to fight than you or I... keep your fricken germs to yourself, capiche?

During this "wellness check" (sarcastically laughing in disgust because the Bean is not well), her measurements were done.

Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (0.01%)  --> up from 13.1 oz on 4/12.
Length:  2' 2.24" (0.75%)  --> up from 2' 1.75" on 4/12.
Head Circumference:  16.73" (1.88%) --> up from 16.5" on 4/12.

So.. one small step forward, another step back.

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  1. She gained weight--even if it's .01%, it's a gain, so, YAY BEAN! :) Get well soon! :)