4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Snot Monster Returns

For Andi's Birthday, she was given the greatest gift on Earth... a cold.  **editing colorful monologue here**  Yep, Andi has a cold.  It doesn't help that it's still only about 55 degrees here, rainy or my favorite, 'looks-like-rain!'.  Hopefully she didn't inherit my immune system, because it HATES rainy-town U.S.A.   So, little Bean had to shout out to her OT that she wasn't feeling well, so her appt. this week has been rescheduled.  Bummer.  But, working out when you aren't feeling well - no fun!  Luckily, she's on her 2nd hour of snoozing.  I hope she sleeps a long, long time.  When I get sick, I hunker down and sleep.  That seems to be the only thing that works for me.  Otherwise, not only do I share my germs with others, I share such a great attitude... whoa!  I'm a hoot when I'm ill!

Yesterday evening during her feed, Andi yanked out her g-tube doing acrobatics under her blanket that covers her tummy.  I smelled the sour formula (I'll leave it at that) and didn't think much of it.  Noticed how wet she was, and uncovered her stomach to find a big hole with no g-tube. It was a bit of a shock.  I was able to put it back in, but have no idea how long it was out.  Well less than a hour.  But, scary regardless. 

Tomorrow, we're off to see her pediatrician, for her 1 year wellness check.  I'm assuming 'wellness' = shots!  Yippie.  I'm looking forward to the weigh-in and the measurements... height and head-circumference.  Hoping for big, big numbers. Andi's been tolerating more feeds than required, but since she still leaks, occasionally pukes, or somehow doesn't get a full feed - I've been giving her the additional amount.  Hopefully, it amounts to something considerable on the scale.

I've noticed that if she misses a feed, her skin gets pretty dry.  I've been real bad about getting the water or pedialyte flush in between feeds.  I probably should make more of an effort on that, especially when a full feed doesn't occur. 

However, the new toys she got for her birthday are making sitting in her chair a little bit easier - because she's rather entertained by the new gadgets!  Today, she took two cups and clapped them together.  Something her OT mentioned she should be doing awhile ago.  When she saw how happy I was, and soaked up the praise, she smiled and laughed.  She really looks at your response, and seems to do well with praise...hmmm, just like her fur brother!

Her latest hearing aid mold was just brought by, as the last two went M.I.A., so, we'll have to get working with the new one asap.  We have new books to read, toys to hear, and much to audibly stimulate.  First things first though, we're using sleep to combat the snot monster's return!

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