4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Busy Week

As the Bean snores in the other room, I sit here and yawn.  It's been a busy week.  We started swimming Monday night, and will be meeting our OT there next Monday night.  My hope is to get additional ideas of what we should be doing in the pool, that maybe I hadn't thought of.  Our OT said that swimming is probably one of the best things we can do for Andi.  So, we will go every Monday and Wednesday night, as we can fit into our schedule.  We also will be going to signing group on Monday's as well.  I've noticed this week especially, that Andi has signed more and more.  She has taken on several new signs, and is using them correctly.  I keep challenging her, quizzing her, and she keeps getting things right.  Yesterday, we had a hearing test.  Andi again, tested better on hearing with the hearing aid.  She is just below 'normal', in the mild hearing loss category, with her hearing aid on.  She also is hearing lower and higher tones than previously recorded.  I purchased some swimming plugs for her, that are fitted ear molds especially for her.  We can use them in both the pool and the tub, which will be nice, because I've been very overprotective of her ears, and trying to stop every drop of water from coming anywhere near her ears.  Despite having tubes to help her ears drain, I don't want her to endure any more ear infections.  So, these plugs should help us keep water out.  I hope Andi grows up in the swimming pool like I did.  I reminded her the other night that Grandma Andy was a big time swimmer when she was young, and I was a big time swimmer when I was young, so that it is my hope that Andi enjoys swimming as much as we did.  I think she will.

I've noticed that Andi's hands and feet are growing.  This morning, I noticed how long she's grown while sitting in her bath tub.  She's grown!  Yippie!  Still hoping to pack on the pounds!

Earlier today, I stumbled onto this article.  It's a great explanation of the heart surgery Andi had when she was 13 weeks old.  Surprisingly, it doesn't read like a page out of a medical book. 


The kid is still snoring, and I still have much work to do.  Break time is over!  *insert yawn here!*

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