4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Social Skills

While my current project downloads, which is projected to only take another 5 1/2 hours, I figured I could afford to steal a minute for the blog while the Bean snores in the other room.  Being I don't get out much socially anymore, I've noticed that when I interact with others, I'm rather rusty.  It feels like I do the usual Andi progress update "dump" (as in, 'this is what has happened since I saw you last, ...sorry if it seems a little heavy!') which is what I know from interacting with the various Dr's and specialists we work with.  I try to keep everyone up to date on all things Bean, because even if it isn't their specialty area, they should still know what is going on.  It's a running update that takes several minutes.  With people I don't know well, or don't know Bean's history... I do a massive dump of heavy information in their laps.  Most blink their eyes and shake their head in disbelief.  Some ask questions.  Some run in the opposite direction after a simple exit strategy.  Okay, so, I'm being a bit dramatic and coloring it a darker shade than it is.  My point is, I feel like I've lost the ability to simply chat about anything and everything.  I'm rusty.  My conversation skills are stale.  My ability to gab is rough.  And more often than not I walk away and wonder, 'why did I tell them that?'  I guess I do have to be thankful that I never took up 'baby talk' and don't mindlessly talk to other adults using baby talk.  Now THAT would be annoying. I'm sure a lot of new parents feel like they're losing their social mojo.  I know I have, and I'm not a new, nor typical parent. 

Today, we took Maddux to see the vet for his comprehensive exam, after which, Andi got her hair trimmed at the kiddy salon nearby.  We are going to grow the hair, but it desperately needed a clean-up.  Em, Andi would NEVER tolerate clips in her hair.  She would yank them out and throw them on the floor in disgust.  Yep, she's my baby girl - and thus, not very girly. Actually, I don't know if that's true yet or not.  But, I am confident hair clips would not last in her hair.

Andi has taken to not only standing at the tub full of DVDs blocking her from the volume knob on the receiver, but is putting one leg up on the tub, and just starting to get that second leg up onto the box.  I haven't been able to get a photo, or video of it just yet.  ...I guess making sure she doesn't fall off of it seems more important at this juncture.  But soon, I hope to get a photo of the creepy crawling Bean.

Well, the download is taking less time than projected.  Only 3.5 hours to go!  Yee Haw! Unfortunately, we'll be living high on the hog at our friends house tonight by then. Luckily, they are already aware of & used-to my dusty social skills.  *insert sigh of relief here!*

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  1. I can't put pretty things in Tori's hair either--she puts one clip in her bangs in the morning and that's about it. I LONG to put her hair in french braids, but she refuses! ARRGH. Sounds like your girl is as headstrong as mine! :) You are lucky she tolerates hats--or has that just been for the pics?

    PS--Loving the shout-out! <3