4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miss Pouty Pants Celebrates Ginga!

I just dropped Ginga off at the airport, and honestly, I cried most of the way home. She has been out here all week visiting our Bean.  Andi now signs & says "MahMa" (Grandma), it's pretty cute.  It was fun for Ginga to see just how much things have changed in the past three months.  She agrees with me, that the blenderized diet has been instrumental to Andi's progress! Andi didn't puke once while she was here, and last time (Christmas), she was puking almost every feed.  Ginga was also amazed at how much more active and advanced her motor skills are!  It was a fun visit, although short!  Thanks Ginga for everything!  We love you very, very much, and thanks Dad for sharing her!

What's funnier than funny, is that usually when Ginga visits, Portland weather gets cracked out whacky.  Once again, this visit did not disappoint.  We saw snow, rain, sleet, hail, wind, more rain, more snow, and to borrow from Oprah!, some "crazy-ass" weather.  All the while, Ginga's friends reiterated how glorious the weather back home was... 80's.  I think Ginga saw everything BUT sunshine here.  It just bites my butt how sucky the weather in the PNW is... I absolutely HATE it!  Spring shouldn't be shades of grey, but warmer temps, knee length skirts with sandals, and not layers of sweaters, vests, and hooded jackets.  SO SICK OF IT!  This time of the year is the hardest time for me to accept the weather.  *insert eye roll here!*  Things might be easier to tolerate if we were able to get out of our grey sky doom, i.e. go anywhere but here!  We're itching for a trip to New Orleans, smell the jasmine (since mine died over winter!), and savior the sunshine in flip flops and sensory overload.  We love us some New Orleans!  Anywhere, but here.  Daddy Bean is busy with a massive project and traveling all over these next few months.  If my checkbook wasn't empty, I'd be happier than happy to pack up the kids (Bean & Mad) and head out on the open road.  How great would that be!?  I can do my work from anywhere, and yet, I can't afford to go anywhere.  Sucky-suck-suck.  I think Andi would benefit from some natural vitamin D processing.

Wowza, I think Miss Pouty Pants needs to get ovah! herself!  I think I'm pouting cuz Ginga's on her way home.  For someone who treasures her family, having them all so far away breaks my spirit when I get a small dose of having them around.  Therefore, we're gassing up the truck and heading your way! 

*kidding Dad!  don't panic,


Thanks again Ginga for everything!!!  So glad to have you out here!  Next time, we're meeting in Maui where we can enjoy lots more swimming with Beano!  I'm already packed!  ;0)  ...Least it won't snow! 

Here's Andi in her new swimsuit:

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