4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

So last night, I went and spent a ridiculous amount of money to get my hair done.  I think the people in this salon make more per hour than most attorney's!  Well, it feels like that when it is time to pay the bill.  While getting highlights applied, which is like having layers of your hair painted with goo and wrapped in tinfoil -- it's very glamorous, I was updating the stylist on all things Andi.  When she was done applying the magic potion to make my hair look sun kissed, instead of water logged from all this nasty rain, she left me with some magazines while my hair processed.  When she returned to check on me, she pointed out that the only other customer in the salon was with her young daughter, and getting her hair shorn, as she has cancer.  I hadn't paid attention, as I was engrossed in flipping the pages of a magazine, something I'm rarely able to do anymore.  So, I glance, without trying to look or worse, stare.  And sure enough, all her hair is on the floor and her young daughter is sitting in the chair next to her. This lady is maybe a few days over 40, and apparently, this is her 2nd battle with cancer. We discussed whether or not we would not only cut off all our hair, but, would we bring the kid to witness it?!  It was a rather interesting discussion, and I felt that the lady took control of the situation, and bringing her kid kept her involved, and a part of the fight.  The ladies' friend arrived and gave her a big hug, they cried, and the young girl flipped through a magazine, seemingly unaffected.  They later fitted the young girl with her Mom's wig, and she played in the mirror like a kid, having fun.  They left arm in arm, with big smiles, and some incredible energy effervescing off of them.  It was contagious.  It reminded me of the young boy in the hospital riding in a wagon his parents pulled around the hospital floor, his head half shaved with a big surgery scar going across his skull, and one of the biggest smiles I've ever witnessed.  It was therapy in its purest form.  So, here's this lady fighting the big fight, taking control of the inevitable hair loss, and full of life.  It reminds me that although I worry about Andi and everything she has yet to overcome, or I worry about bills, or whatever clogs the noggin, that it is so small compared to the fights other people face.  It reminds me to savior what I have, treasure the little victories, and continue to fight for more -- all while enjoying even the hardship.  Health is something to hold in highest regard, and if you have it,  you have NO worries!  Jobs, money, if your kid is going to play the lead in the school play - it's all inconsequential if you have your health.  So, I sent out my good vibes to the lady from last night and her battle.  I drove home, hair perfectly coiffed, and checked my own attitude. I felt myself smile and adjust my appreciation for all that I have, and everyone I am lucky enough to share it with.  I remembered the friend that showed up to share a hug and tears with the lady, and it reminded me that I have several friends I don't see or talk to enough.  I need to reach out more and let them know how important they are... and most of all, I came home and gave Andi a huge hug and spent the evening praising her big crawl, sitting up (NEW!), and her pulling herself up wherever she can.  She's getting stronger, and it makes me stronger!  My attitude today is very much in check.

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  1. Wow its amazing hearing others can make u relise how easy we got it prayers go to that lady