4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Learning to Ask For Help

Help has arrived in the form of the best wicked step-mother ever!  "Ginga" is here to save me for a week.  She's experiencing the multi-layered, round-the-clock responsibility that Andi's medicine and food schedule.  It's exhausting, and I think we owe her a trip to either a day spa or the looney bin to decompress when she escapes this nut-house.  It's been on my list of things to do, and I haven't yet allocated the time, but, I have a few places & people to call to see about getting us some help.  Some professional help.  Andi's current schedule is something we'd feel comfortable leaving with a trained nurse, instead of relying on friends and family.  It's a bit intense and if there was a problem... a nurse would know how to handle.  It's intimidating to any untrained professional.  Ginga is wearing herself out, mostly worrying about what med's when, when to add med's to the food, when to flush med's with water, etc.  It's overwhelming.  But, it's also clear that I can't continue to do this on my own every day.  I'm horrible asking for help, but in this case, I need to get over myself and ask for help this time.  I'm just lucky to have Ginga here to help support me this week. 

Andi's cardiologist said he wants Andi to "grow-out" of her need for her med's and oxygen.  It could be another six months, it could be weeks.  Remember "it depends" and "we shall see".  Tomorrow it's an eye exam, Thursday is her 2nd hearing test and a check-up with her pediatrician.  It's a busy week.  On top of that, the Bean and I have come down with her Daddy's cold despite our efforts to keep it away.

We're racing out the door to go to the Blazers first pre-season game.  Ginga is minding the Bean by herself,.  And we're supposed to go relax.  Oops, I'm late - I gotta bolt. 

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