4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ginga Withdrawls

Ginga's on her way back home, and we're back on full-time duty.  The Bean went on a social visit today, and has been overstimulated and awake.  She's sleeping now, it's going to be a 3 a.m. morning, isn't it!?! (Ginga is silently laughing at us!)  It was a great day.  A couple diaper blowout's and one large projectile vomit an hour after eating... ah, tis the glamourous life.

We're missing Ginga.  It's been a nice break from the intense responsibility.  Tonight will be our first night with the Bean downstairs with us again.  Hopefully, the evening goes well.  She's tired and should sleep.  I know I'm ready to sleep - I'm pooped.

Andi has decided that she likes comments from her fans.  She wants to know you read about the thrills of her days.  If you have an itch to write her a note, please do so - as, she's a social lil' Bean... Considering her first four months, she itches like a methadone addict (ha-ha!) for interaction.  So, give her a shout out if you feel so inclined. 

We want to send our well-wishes to Oskey's and Ayla's families.  Losing a loved-one is never easy, but I personally think losing a beloved pet is harder than anything.  We loved both pups and will forever hold them in our hearts. We'll never forget snow-shoeing with Ayla and camping with Oskey.  They will be missed.

On that note, Maddux is about 20 lbs overweight.  He's 94 lbs, which is probably his 2nd heaviest weight.  His first being 96 lbs, post-op.  Taking him to daycare is just too big of an ordeal, but, we're going to work on a new plan as that extra weight is not healthy for our Madder-Bean.

The Bean is awake and kicking up a storm in her Daddy's lap.  She's having some fun...


  1. Dear Andi Bean,
    I love reading about your days!! Your mom is an incredible writer!! You are an inspiration to all and someday I hope to meet you! Hugs from Wisconsin and one for your mom, your dad and Maddux, too.

  2. Hi Andi Bean!
    I check your blog every day for news of you and to be sure your mommy is keeping her sense of humor (she is.) :)
    Big hugs to all in the house, two legged and four!