4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Learning, Growing... Having Some Fun!

Andi Bean got a new toy today, an activity gym, to inspire her to learn, grow and maybe even have some 'tummy time' to strengthen her neck and arms.  She's been having some fun with it this past hour, and learning that by moving or pulling on some of the gadgets, it causes the music to come on and the turtle to light up.  She's having fun beating the crap out of the gismo hanging closest to her. It's fun to watch this...

I awoke this morning at 7 a.m. to my cell phone ringing.  It was Kaiser telling me that her eye Dr. appointment was canceled because the Dr. was "called into surgery."  We rescheduled for late November.  My response, 'seriously?'   That seems like forever, but, I'm not as concerned with her eye sight at this juncture.  Tomorrow is her hearing test, and that's a big one in my mind.  We have to keep her awake all morning, so that she'll sleep for her hearing test.  It's going to be an interesting day.

The Bean has since decided that she no longer wanted to lay by herself in the gym.  She's going through a phase where she has decided that she wants to be held a lot.  Don't know if it's Ginga's doing, or she's just decided that after four months in the hospital, she just doesn't want to be left alone anymore.  Whatever the Bean wants, she gets.  This will not always be the case, well, maybe...

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