4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Blood Drive Poster Child

Andi was thrust into the spotlight as the poster child for a blood drive I coordinated at work.  I made a few different posters, told a brief glimpse of part of her story, and then paraded her around the blood mobile to sing, dance and entertain the variety of donors.  She was thrilled to come to the office and meet everyone.  Every day I pick her up from after-school care, she always begs, 'who did you work with today?'  I'll rattle off a slew of names and she remembers them.  If I don't mention them on that particular day, she'll ask, 'well, what about 'so & so'?!?'  It's pretty adorable.  So, being able to take her and show her where I run off to while she's at work, at daycare, or therapy, was pretty cool.  Getting to introduce my world outside the office to the office, was priceless.  Our communications team brought in a professional photographer to shoot pictures of our drive, but it was likely because the division controller was going to donate a pint.  However, our little supermodel Andi stole the show, and then some. 

Here are some photos from our adventure:

Signing autographs at 7.

She now asks about all the people she met, and has a running  itemization of all the people on the floor whom she hasn't yet met.  

We discussed why I made her the poster child of the blood drive, because when she had heart surgery, she required several pints.  Therefore, by telling her story, we would inspire others to donate to benefit others.  It worked!  The Red Cross asked for diversity, to which we delivered... however, they had to defer seven of our donors because of their international background and years spent in foreign countries.  That was disappointing.  But, we collected 18 pints, enough to potentially help 54 people.  

Out little poster child dazzled the masses though.  It was awesome!

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