4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2nd Grade: enVISION It!

This week, Andi started 2nd grade.  She spends 2/3 of her day with the big class, two subjects with her deaf/hard-of-hearing class, and then gets pulled out for "specials" or therapy services. Her big class is on the 2nd floor, whereas the D/HH class is on the third floor.  So, needless to say, Andi will be climbing and descending a lot of stairs this year, which honestly makes me nervous for accidents.  Kids rush, someone could bump her and if the attendant is focusing on another kid, she could take a really bad fall.  Her school is very protective and aware of her balance issues, but, the fear still tickles the noggin from time to time.

Sadly, Andi's second day of 2nd grade was spent at home with a stomach ache.  Dinner the night before did not agree with her stomach.  I can't help wonder if some of that stomach ache was caused by the excitement and anxiety caused by first day jitters?  It probably didn't help that her appetizer was a piece of rich chocolate cake to celebrate the new school year.  Regardless, her sour stomach finally relented and after a good night's sleep, she was ready to tackle school again.  

Wednesday afternoon, I picked her up from school and took her to her yearly eye exam.  When I scheduled the appointment months ago, I failed to realize that she would already be back in school.  So, Andi met with the Opthamologist, and her daughter whom has recently joined the practice.  Andi asked if she was going to watch a movie on their wall TV.  The Dr. was sort of taken back at this request, when I interjected, 'actually, she remembers watching a movie last year.'  The daughter started flipping through the options, and I interjected, 'Duck! We watched the movie about the ducks last year!'  Through testing, it was clear that Andi's left eye isn't seeing as well as her right eye.  It was pretty funny that she was supposed to cover the right eye and read the letters on the screen, and with her left eye doing all the work, she continued to drop the right eye cover and try to read the board with both eyes.  Through testing, it was determined that Andi needs glasses now.  Her right eye is fine, but her left eye is farsighted.  Her 'script is +1.75 on that eye.  I was pretty upset that she already needed glasses.  I was hoping that was years off.  We went out front and picked out some glasses that would work for Andi's small nose and not compete too much with her hearing aid on her small ear.  I posted the picture of her trying on the glasses we chose, and the feedback was so complimentary.  But, I honestly cried the whole way home.  I know I should celebrate that she has such good vision, but, the a-hole within is just sad - as her vision has always been one thing that was never an issue, until now. So, I mourn the fact that we'll have to cover up those gorgeous blue eyes, yet celebrate that this improved vision will likely help her with school, with walking, and help protect her right eye from strain and her left eye from deteriorating further.  So, it will be a good thing - it just sucks.

So, week one of 2nd grade was a doozy!  Week two starts with a trip to the endocrinologist! 

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