4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Always A Reason To Party!

Started the process of recruiting models for the 2015 CHARGE Through The Year wall calendar.  In 24 hours, we have 60 CHARGERs signed up to possibly be featured.  Initially, I was thinking we'd do a draft party and have Andi Bean draw names out of a hat.  Who doesn't want a reason to have a party!?  But now there are so many candidates, I'm thinking of a much different design, which would include everyone!  Trouble now is finding a printer whose program will allow me to manipulate the design to have photos and copy wherever I want on the page.  Perhaps creating it in MS Publisher and uploading it...   we'll see, I have much work to do.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Andi as a part-day preschooler.  Here's a photo of her this morning at 5:45! Only Andi is that chipper at this hour.

Gotta love that dainty hand action!

Six days until Andi's 4th birthday!  Stay tuned for her yearly birthday video!  Well, her second annual video... we were a little bit busy the first two years!  :)  Need to get a card in the mail to Dr. Langley, Andi's heart surgeon that really turned things around for her.  Every year for her birthday and Christmas, we usually send him an update.  Sometimes it doesn't happen in May, so we send it in September, when he did the surgery.  I want to send him a copy of the video if I can...

Uncle Chris is coming into town Sunday for a near week-long visit!  We're super excited to have him here. Poppa & Ginga are coming next week too!  Andi will be so happy.  I'll be sneaking off to New Orleans to have some fun!!! (...kidding... just kidding!)

Our neighborhood pool is apparently open.  Andi and I are debating going down there this afternoon to cool off.  Will be fun to get her in the pool regularly, although her skin won't like it.  She's had a bit of eczema going on at the wrists lately.  Good times! 

Lastly, we have a new family moving into the house across the street.  Now that I live in a grown-up house, in a grown-up neighborhood (so, it feels like to me!)... I did the 1950's neighborly thing (sort-of!)  I did what all housewives in the 1950's did... yep, I took them a Costco apple pie!  *HA!*  While I was putting the pie in a tote, I remembered how crazy it was the first few days of moving.  So I threw in some napkins, some plastic utensils, a roll of paper towels, and some cups.  None of the neighbors did anything like that for us... so, I did what my Ma taught me.  Treat others as you'd like to be treated!  Or my version, just make the rest of them look bad!  HAHHAHAHAA...

There's always a reason to party!

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