4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I just caught myself totally procrastinating my work project.  It was pathetic.  I uploaded a few titles, then shopped for flights on Hotwire - fantasizing about rescheduling our girl's weekend get-away (that the cheapo airline canceled all flights to our destination!)  Then I added one or two more, yawned, and then found myself distracted by something else.  I'm super duper tired and I find myself PRO-crastinating, cuz I'm a "pro" at it! 

Daddy Bean returns tonight from a two-night work trip.  Andi has been a bit of a handful, and I'm rather tired.  Luckily, she went down today for a nap on her own, so I'm thankful for a bit of reprieve from Mommyhood. 

I have SO much to do, and the yawns are pretty constant.  I think it's time to fire up a cup of coffee so I can better utilize my "quiet" time!

...29 more days!!!  YIPPIE!!!!

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