4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Date Has Been Set

3/11/13, we are returning to Andi's pediatrician for the official g-tube removal.  We are going to pull it and he thinks it will close-up on its own.  There might be a bit of leakage, but... hopefully it will close up quickly.  Her weight is still pretty low, but, it will have been three months that she's been completely orally fed, and they feel that's enough time. However, if I really wanted it pulled today - he probably would've done it.  I was lavished with praise at how well she's doing, which was really cool to hear from a medical professional. 

Andi has her third sickness of the year.  Yeah, it's only February 11th.  She has another cold.  We think she keeps getting germs from the Kid's Club at the gym, or at the hearing impaired playgroup.  Those are the only two places I can think of where she is exposed to different things.  I use hand-sanitizer after each session, but obviously, it's not working for us.  We also are going to start forcing a nap during the day.  She's been in her bed for an hour, and is still having a party.  Now I will take her downstairs and cuddle her, which usually settles her into slumber.  It's just a PITA to do that, and it doesn't always work.  But, I have many, many hours of work to do and a personal To-Do list that is a mile long, and a sick kid - therefore, it must happen.

So, thirty days and I have one less thing that really keeps me in a state of worry, i.e. it getting pulled out or caught on something, or kids teasing her.  I still need to get her weight up, that's still lagging, but we're about to try this new high-calorie pudding recipe.  If it works, a 1/2 cup of it is around 550 calories, that's almost 1/2 her daily need.  So, we'll see if we can get this to help.  I bought the stuff at the high-end ($$$) market because it was convenient, and I wanted to get a build-your-own salad.  So, I bought the ingredients, I went for the "organic" crap and I think I bought the wrong type of gelatin.  We'll see.  Needless to say, I spent my whole week's grocery budget on this one trip.  Oops. 

Andi's vitals @ 32 months:

Height:  2' 9" (1.14%)
Weight:  21 lb, 2 oz (0.04%)  --> she did not eat much this morning prior to weigh-in
Head Circumference:  17.99"  (4.38%)

It's nap-time
Time to force a nap...
Time to force a nap...

ugh.  Here we go, wish me luck!

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