4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, May 11, 2012

Portland Heart Walk

A week from tomorrow, Andi and I will be participating in this years Portland Heart Walk.  We are walking as part of the Doernbecher Children's Hospital team - whom successfully repaired Andi's complex heart defect.  We walk to celebrate the scariest of the six surgeries she's had so far.  We walk to stand among others effected by heart defects and heart disease.  Most importantly, we walk and fund raise for this cause because we hope that in the future, other families won't be blown away learning that their newborn baby has not just one hole, but two, plus needs a valve reconstruction, -- and needs a rather complicated heart surgery down the road.  No one should have to see the aftermath of heart surgery on your newborn.  The main surgery scar, the drainage tubes, the pacing wires, the machines doing the work to keep her calm and relaxed, intubated, puffy, her skin still stained with iodine.  I've never posted pictures of Andi's surgery recoveries, because I didn't feel that it needed to be shared.  I also have wanted to spare the full disclosure of what it's been like.  I tell, but don't show. 

Future society should not have us cutting open babies to "fix" things.  We should and will be more advanced than we are today.  So, it with this premise, that I again ask you to open your wallets, whip out those credit cards and give some bucks in honor of Andi & her thankfully repaired heart. Give to the future and the hope that our society will medically advance even further, faster. 



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