4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Very Long Week!

This concludes a very, very long week.  Daddy Bean left last Sunday, yes ... Mother's Day, for a week in El Paso for a training class.  Luckily, Andi and I get along great -- and so the need for reprieve has been nil.  We've worked really hard to get the house cleaned up in pre-preparations for Poppa B & Ginga's arrival.  [why does it take company coming to get my house really clean?]  While we got a lot of things done, it seems like I knock one thing off the list, and then add three more.  Work is also getting busier, and I've found myself so tired today that I could not figure out why I was getting error messages on an upload.  Try and try again, uhm, I tried eight times before I really saw my error.  Oops!  I probably could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I wasn't so pooped!  So, it's with the conclusion of this week without Daddy Bean, that we might actually find ourselves at the airport at *gulp*  11:50 to pick him up with glee, rather than making him take a cab!  However, we have to get up at a ridiculous hour tomorrow to be at the Heart Walk.  As part of the Doernbecher Children's Hospital team -- a division of OHSU... we're supposed to be able to push ourselves to the front of the line and lead off the walk.  I think we'll hang in the back and let the crowd part a bit.  None of us like big crowds.  Well, Andi might.

Thanks again to my four donors for the Heart Walk. Because of you I made it to my $200. fundraising goal, which makes us pretty dang proud.  Thanks especially to my Dad for buying into the guilt -- the other, other white meat.  It's what's for dinner!  HA!  But, we really appreciate the very generous contributions to a cause that is pretty important to us! 

I'm ready for another nap!

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