4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andi Turns 17 Months!

Friday, Andi turned 17 months old.  I'm sure I told her that and she probably responded by puking.  17 Months, I can't believe it!  Andi's doesn't appear to be packing on pounds, but, she does seem to be progressing in strength and skills.  Andi's now doing what her Dad calls, 'Big Crawl!' which is get onto all fours and hold herself upright.  She's also doing some serious tummy time in which she gets up on her elbows and looks around and up, from the view of being on her tummy.  It's been amazing to watch these changes.  I'm trying to capture photos, but, haven't got a really great representation just yet.  In her 'exersaucer' she spinning herself around and standing upright for longer periods of time.  She's definitely getting stronger. 

Our 'organic' pumpkin that we got at the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago, decided to start decomposing on our front porch.  Needless to say, we have to go pick-up another one before Halloween!  Anxious to dress Andi in her super cute costume.  Although we don't really know our neighbors well, we're looking forward to toting Andi to a few nearby houses in her costume to show her off a bit.  They all seem to know she's had a rough start, so, it will be nice to show her doing better than when most of them have really seen her last.

Here's some photos from the big ol' 17 month old.  Hopefully, by now, she weighs 17 lbs.  I can't tell, other than she seems stronger and longer.

"Big Crawl" position

Pretty Andi!

Tummy Time!


Smiling For The Camera!

No Hands!



Trying to call Ginga!

Dancing With Daddy!

Trying to steal Daddy's slippers!

"Hi Maddux!"


"oh, s-m-i-l-e!"
FALL 2011

"Momma, I'm tired. Can I get out now?!"

"I don't have moves like Jagger, I've got Freddy Mercury moves!"

Big Crawl position!

'huh? what? uhm, I'm busy!'

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  1. fun to see her as she develops more strength and range. get ready to start chasing her.