4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Princess Andi

Everyone knows that Andi is a princess.  Now, thanks to the fashion finds o' Ginga... we now have proof:

The jelly bean got a bath this morning, since she soaked herself in Neocate upchuck at 5 a.m.  Her belly revolting due to air bubbles.

This bath of the royal cuteness was after she feasted on a partial bowl of rice cereal with sweet potatoes.  I think it had too much cereal and not enough sweet potato to appeal to her majesty.  But, she grabbed the spoon and slathered herself and her high chair with the ooey goodness presented to her.  Since her photo shoot, she's had a small chunk of banana, of which she stuck in her mouth and declared herself not all that interested.  The snot monster lurks, and we can't seem to capture him completely.

That being said,  Andi is scheduled for a sedated echo cardiogram tomorrow.  Due to her cold though, they might declare it not a good time to sedate her.  We'll have to go and have them make that decision after seeing her.  They are doing a sedated echo so they can get into the right side of her repaired heart and measure the pressure in there.  Remember, she had pulmonary hypertension after surgery on that right side, thus, started our ever popular prescription of Viagra.  Should they find that the pressure is good, we might be able to finally get off the junk that warms her from the inside and makes her cheeks rosy red.

It sounds like Andi is trying to say 'Daddy!', but really, I think she's trying to say, "Mommy is the best Mommy ever!"  I'm just stating my own personal interpretation.  She also says "hi!"  That, was actually confirmed by a couple whom were sitting by us awaiting our lab draw just yesterday.  She said it and they started laughing and saying 'Hi!' ... so, that I'm not hallucinating.  The 'Daddy' part though... the jury is out on that one.

Here are a few impersonal photos from our trip:

our view in Sandestin, FL

Ginga's hydrangea

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