4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone Is Having Some Fun

Everyone is having a good time.  From us having hurricanes at Pat O'Briens in the French Quarter, to making friends with our concierge, Russell, ...to Andi Bean being spoiled by Ginga and Poppa B... even Maddux is having a ball with his aunt, uncle & 2 year old cousin -- whom has taken to dressing him in her beads or outfits.  Today, they were super heroes, Maddux donning a cape.  Everyone is having a great time on our overdue, sun-filled vacation.  Our super white skin, burned red ... a sign of a different way of life. 

Today, Andi got to go to the Alabama State House and charm the likes of the good people that make things happen there.  Andi was apparently on good behavior for all, and her proud Poppa B. & Ginga were parading her, drawing bigger crowds than the education parade outside.  (I wasn't there, but... I'm assuming.)  Whereas, we left the big life that is New Orleans and drove four hours, made four stops, and hit four different states.  Wowza.  New Orleans was mesmerizing, charming.  It was my fourth trip, and Daddy Bean's first.  We did the usual, but took the advice of Russell -- whom I'd recognized as the concierge from seven years prior whom steered my friends and I right. We had the most amazing time, from food to entertainment.  Although I didn't go for the neck tattoo he suggested, all his other suggestions were spot on.  "Uncle Russ"... we love you.

We're now enjoying posh digs in Sandestin, FL... a resort community that is obscene with amenities galore.  For those Oregonians that read us... think Sun River, but times 100 and fill it with pools, lakefront, bay front, beachfront and walking distance shops, restaurants and bars.  It's a vacationers paradise.  We're looking forward to a day of doing nothing... but this early evening was spent on the patio facing the bay, watching the different amazing rays of sunlight coming through the late evening clouds that roll in off the gulf.  Skies of pink, blue, and my brother's favorite shade of 'lav-en-dar!'  (He'll get the joke!)  It's amazing here and to quote Andi's Dad, "are you kidding me?!  we're staying HERE?! Wowza, Wowza, Wowza!"  We're pretty smitten, feeling spoiled and well taken care of!!!

We're trying to recharge the ol' batteries and prepare to go back to reality... but man o' man, this life is intoxicating.  And no, that's not the bourbon street boozefest lingering... there's just a completely different feel down here in the southeast.  Foremost, the sunshine is a welcome treat for us, but, its something else.  Probably the overdue need for a different scene.  We're finding ourselves pretty blown away, as we're having some serious fun, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.  It's been an amazing trip.  Thanks to all that have enabled us to steal away, especially Ginga... whom has tended to the Bean flawlessly!  We're so incredibly thankful!!!  (xoxoxoxoxo!)

Tomorrow... wow... tomorrow can wait... we have to go have some fun TONIGHT!  Savor it, ...we shall!

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  1. You sound SO happy! I'm glad you had a great time in the SUN! I'm sure it was the extreme doses of vitamin D talking, but, you definitely sound like a different person--my goodness, even your usual sarcasm is tinged with happiness! :) Is there a way you could consider moving to a sunnier place? (like San Diego, perhaps?) haha! :) Hugs to all!