4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bean Gets A Flu Shot

Bean & I went to pick up a refill prescription again today.  While there,we decided to stop by and get our flu shots as well.  Most kids, and many adults, flinch at the idea of a shot. Needles make most people run and hide.   Make most kids cry and cry.  Andi sat there and took it like a solider.  She barely flinched, and cried for maybe five seconds.  Yeah, five seconds.  I said & signed 'all done!' about three times.  We walked out of there and Andi said all the way to the car, with gusto, 'All Done!'  She is such a champion.

See, kiddos like Andi have been through SO much, that something like a shot, is nothing.  I mean, really, it is nothing. I didn't even feel my shot, best shot ever actually.  Although, now my arm hurts.  It feels like my brother punched my arm like he did when I was 12. 

I finally got through on the phone to dispute the two bills I received.  Both are sending them back to be reviewed, revised.  I hate that sometimes you have to be nasty to get them to hear what you are saying.  I had to tell the one person that they can't bill her one anesthesia service as a professional service, that it belongs under the in-patient hospitalization, which has a cap.  She apparently didn't understand what I was saying until I got firmer in tone and explained, 'look, this was her 6th surgery, 6th anesthesia service, therefore, I know how it should be billed.'  That got her to shut her trap and she said she'd take care of getting it resolved. Now that's what I'm talking about!

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