4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Village

Here it is Mother's Day 2019, and I'm saddled with the question, 'What Does Mother's Day Mean To Me?' As we all get older, and we lose people close to us, these Hallmark Holiday's seem to shift meaning.  For me, I lost my Mom less than two months before my wedding in 2005.  While, I'm not that sharp to do the math, I believe that was a long ass time ago.  It doesn't matter.  There isn't a day where I don't think of her, nor catch a glimpse of her in my personality.  She's with me, no matter where I go.  She built into Andi, and Andi never met her.  Regardless, it's fun to watch.  I see my step-Mom in Andi, and am thankful for that.  I see my step-sister in Andi, and am thankful for that.  Our young seem to be comprised of the people they encounter, those people shape them to become the people they are.  In turn, I can hear one of my best girlfriend's say, 'I am not necessarily a product of my family, but a product of the people I've chosen to surround myself by.'  Powerful.

In turn, these "holiday's" force me to pause and remember all the many, many things, many people, that it took us to get us where we are today.  Words like, "I don't know how you do it" flow over my ears on days like this, because I know that none of this was due to one person (well, minus her genius heart surgeon that "couldn't have done a better job!" (current cardiologist)...)  It took a village.  It took people not only supporting Andi, but those that rallied around me.  I think back to those dark days, where Kajsa - Andi's early intervention OT, was essentially my best friend.  Keeping not only Andi's torticollis stretched, but, my sanity in-tact.  Those in-home visits were crucial to home-bound people like us. 

But, again, on days like this - I don't necessarily stop to think of me.  I think of so many of my Mom friends who have lost their babies, their children, who - on days like today are hurting.  In our CHARGE community, it's too much.  So many of these Mom's are the ones my mind gravitates toward on days like today.  So, on that note, I tip my hat to you Momma. You have my heart.  Your children are on my mind.

And to my lady-friends who don't have children... you actually are a major part of it all.  You're a part of a village of women supporting others.  So, keep in mind - and I have specific ladies in mind here...  You were a major part of my village supporting me in crisis... so yes, you too, are celebrated.  With my whole heart, I thank you!

Parenthood isn't one person.  Motherhood isn't one person.  It's an army surrounding the child, the mother, the father, the entire family unit.  In good times, and in bad.  It's the village that holds them all up.  

And on that note, Andi's part two of her BAHA will be this Thursday.  Luckily, Poppa and Ginga will be coming to join me as we sit through a relatively 'easy' procedure.  However, it being her 11th, it still produces a level of PTSD for the previous procedures or surgeries that maybe weren't so easy.  It's again, a part of the village that comes to stabilize the unit.  That is what I celebrate on days like today.

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