4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Double The BAHA!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day.  We head to see the ENT for a post-op appointment.  I assume it's just a check-up on the healing of the dissolvable stitches. Afterward, we have an appointment with Dr. Steve -- our favorite audiologist, whom effectively started this whole BAHA journey to better hearing.  We'll have to wait around a bit, as our appointment with him is a bit later, but it will surely be worth the wait.  Andi's new hearing devices have arrived.  She'll be moving from the Oticon Ponto that has been a loaner/trial for the past six months - to the Cochlear BAHA.  She will graduate from one device to two, still placed on a soft band (headband).  The left sided one will be programed to send sounds it picks up on the left side, to her right ear that has the ability to process the sound. See, Andi's auditory nerve (nerve 7) on the left side is either absent or really, really small.  This nerve 7 travels through the auditory canal down the left side of the face.  This is why, when Andi is tired - it's often noticeable in the left side of her face -- this nerve also contributes to her facial palsy.  So, if you see her eye isn't as open as the right, or her mouth is a bit droopy on the left... this is all connected to nerve 7.

So... the reason we went with the Cochlear BAHA over the Ponto, is that the BAHA can be programmed with Apple devices.  So, when she's on her iPad, it will be like she's wearing headphones when paired with that apple device via bluetooth. With the ability to tap into newer technology, it is evident that her hearing experience will improve.  It's like at school, when her teacher uses an FM System -- a microphone that is automatically picked-up by her old hearing aid and a direct connection - she's less likely to pick up the surrounding noise - a distraction from what she needs to hear.  The FM didn't jive with her Ponto - but we will work with school and Dr. Steve to make sure she's getting the best possible hearing experience with her new devices.

While we heal another six months and await the bone to surround the screws -- come June, we can work toward the next phase of this permanent hearing solution.  I am hopeful that technology will take Andi's hearing to an absolutely higher level than it leaped even in June when we started this BAHA journey. 

We all want what's best for our children.  But when your child has a diminished sense, or senses - as kid's with CHARGE Syndrome usually have all five senses impacted -- improving one of those senses in the slightest fills us with hope and joy.

So, fingers crossed that this new technology impacts Andi with noticeable improved hearing.  Double the BAHA, double the fun!

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  1. Sharing in your excitement from the West Coast! Hey, Anna, if you end up going to Napa Valley on your girls' trip, let me know. I would love to come up, have a glass of wine, and meet you in person!