4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Breaking Before Fixing

They often say in order to move forward, sometimes you need to step backward.  As we approach part one of Andi's BAHA surgery, her soft band Ponto decided to break.  

On the plastic part of the band, normally, there's a metal piece that The Ponto (the hearing device) snaps into.  Looking at the picture, the metal piece has detached from the soft band and is stuck to the Ponto.  The other piece I believe to be a backer to the metal snap on the soft band.  

Can you join me in a chorus of 'you've got to be shitting me!!?'  Seriously.  So... come tomorrow when I should be happily skipping myself back to the office with glee (seriously!), I get to go to the other direction and drop-in at the ENT /Audiologist office and see if they can fix this for us. Meanwhile, Andi's using her over-the-ear hearing aid.  Which, it's funny (in a I'm not laughing sense of the word) -- she totally notices that she doesn't hear nearly as well with it.  When she made the change to the Ponto, I had to show her the difference with a little sound check.  We sat in my car, Sir Valentine, and she sat in the front seat with her Ponto on.  We listened to 1.5 minutes of 'This Is Me' from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  I had the music cranking, windows up, inside the garage.  After that edition, she pulled the soft band off and put her over-the-ear hearing aid on and we listened to the same 1.5 minutes of the same song, same volume, same setting.  This little experiment showed her the incredible difference in her ability to hear well, clearly, and more sounds than with the old technology.  It really was eye-opening for her.

So, here we are a nauseating five days before surgery, and we will took a step back to the old hearing aid, just prior to starting a permanent journey to better hearing.  

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