4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Early Birthday Party Extravaganza

Due to park availability, we chose to have Andi's 7th birthday party a few weeks early.  We invited all her friends from school, a whole 1.5 weeks before the party.  Surprisingly, the turn-out was rather perfect.  The last minute scramble to get a birthday bash together is becoming a skill for my LinkedIn profile.  The night before the party, I hit Costco, Kroger, Dollar Tree and Party City.  It was a whirlwind of activity, but I wanted to keep the food and decor fresh and not withered by time and inadequate conditions.  I soaked all the produce in a cleaner, and tuckered out early that night.  Up the next morning with Andi at 6:30 a.m., I instantly got started on party items.  We had a piñata to fill, fruit salad to make, cooler to pack, mac & cheese to bake, burgers & hot dogs to grill, cake to pick-up, and party gifts bags to prep, car to pack, and most importantly, a threat of rain to swear off.  I spent the next four hours sweating my a$$ off.  I raced around like a rabid chicken without a head.  Our kitchen so small, I practically tripped over my own feet, getting in my own way. I was worried about the threat of rain, but we had rented a pavilion.  I bought coloring books, a piñata, face painting kit, and pin the nose on the clown (what happened to the tail on the ass, I mean nothing is more kid friendly than a giggle fest over using the word ass!  I mean, I am perpetually 12 and I think it's funny!) and that was my plan if the weather didn't cooperate.  The pavilion is off one of the coolest playgrounds in town.  It has a little something for everyone, kids big and small.  So, we take two cars full of crap to the park and of course, there's like three baseball games going on and the parking lot is packed.  Andi and her Dad take the closest parking spot and I find one that seemed about a .25 of mile away.  Of course, I have the bigger ride with most of the crap in it, but we didn't want Andi to have to walk that far.  So we took turns unloading and started setting up.  I bought 20 balloons and tablecloths to help decorate the space.  Luckily, my coworker's perfect timing worked yet again and we milked her decorating skills!!!  She got the piñata up in a perfect spot!  We got the food set-up and the rest of it was a bit of a blur.  There were a lot of us and all seemed to have a really good time. We even had a game of freeze dance party, which was a big thrill for Andi.  Although the songs were done by Kidz Bop, I believe a bunch of parents were standing around asking if these songs were actually appropriate for children. Andi was giddy the entire time.  She had a smile that reminded me of her Disney World trip where she smiled ear to ear, sunrise to moon rise.  

And wouldn't you know it, the weather held.  Right as the party wrapped up, and a few friends remained, the girls were playing on the playground when the thunder started to shake and crack.  It was the perfect party, and Andi was so happy.  In fact, I've noticed that I must have picked up some serious happy-Mommy points as she is even sweeter with me since the party, which I am savoring.

I must admit that when I was at Party City and trying to determine the perfect piñata.  Although I decided Disney Princess would speak to her more than the others... I still can't get over my in-store fantasy of taking a bat to this lil' shit and watching a massive pot of spaghetti & meatballs come flying out of his busted gut.  I was giggling inside the store like a crazy person... but the dream still fills me with joy.  #WhackanElmo

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