4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, July 11, 2014

Priceless Patience

I've started the process of creating the 2015 edition of CHARGE Through The Year calendar.  I'm just sitting here waiting for a burst of creative inspiration to take over.  This is the time of the day where my yawning starts and I'm starting to feel tired. So, instead of throwing some images on a page that I'll likely hate... I spend time with the blog instead.
Yesterday, I filmed Andi with a new iPad app I recently downloaded called, Sight Words.  It's like electronic flash cards.  It put up a word and Andi read each word.  She did amazing through 5 levels of words.  It blows my mind how many words she can read.  It's awesome.  So, we're going to work on her reading more sentences. Yesterday, we also worked on tracing numbers.  Well, we did '1'.  She needs a lot of work on her hand/eye coordination as far as control.  She can't seem to do an up/down stroke very well.  Also, I've noticed that she does not show favoritism to one hand or the other.  We're going to watch that and let her decide which hand she favors.
As for me, I'm still trying to find full-time work.  I've met with several recruiters.  I've had a few opportunities but had to pass them up.  One was a totally ideal 2-day temp job making a tri-fold brochure, but I didn't have daycare for Andi and by the time I paid for that, plus drove, the job wouldn't have been worth it.  The other opportunity was only part-time work, and again, it just wasn't enough to justify the daycare and commuting expense.  I know something is coming, but having to be patient is sometimes tough on the ego.
We are taking one last mini-break before Daddy Bean's work gets extra crazy and Andi goes back to school.  Poppa & Ginga are going to take Andi for a few days, while Daddy Bean and I are going to escape to New Orleans, and some beach we haven't yet secured.  Neither of us were really in a New Orleans mood, but the cost to stay there is way cheaper than trying to park our butts on the beach for a few more days.  I guess everyone is trying to get to the beach before school starts back.  It's making finding an affordable (tolerable) room a bit of a chore.  Late next week, Andi is going to do a few trial half-days at the daycare facility.  The thought is when I find a job, Andi will start being dropped off at the daycare attached to Daddy Bean's building, and stay there until he gets off work.  Our roles are going to change drastically.   We've talked about it, but I still hope he's prepared for how different things are going to be.  I will likely get Andi up and put her on the bus.  And then Daddy Bean will be responsible for everything else:  dinner, baths, Dr. & Therapy appointments, bedtime, etc.  I am very excited to have my own sense of self back after being just "Andi's Mom" for the past four years.  While I will still be "Andi's Mom", I will have my own identity outside of that to embrace and explore.  YIPPIE!  We're so tight now, I wonder if and how this will change our relationship, our dynamic.  I do worry about what I will miss, having been the first to witness most of her accomplishments.  But, it will be very nice to be able to treat myself to a mani-pedi and not feel all that bad about spending a little bit of money on myself.  I'm excited!  Just have to be a bit more patient I think. I hope.

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