4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Brand New Chapter

This Monday, May 13, Andi will begin a brand new chapter that will continue for what we hope will be at least another twenty years, SCHOOL!!!  She will attend pre-school from 8:45 until almost 11 a.m., four days a week!  She is in a hearing-impaired pre-school where they will speak & sign, work on speech, learning, social skills, listening.  Our new OT and speech consult will happen during preschool hours.  I'm pretty excited for Andi because she will be exposed to so much more in the classroom, surrounded by teachers that can help her in ways I've probably never even thought of, and engaged by peers who will challenge her in every way possible.

I'm pretty thrilled this is happening just before her 3rd birthday and at this exact time.  I found out this week that our deductible went up from $500. to $2000. and so our therapy appointments will cost us around $150. each hour visit.  So, we're going to take a nice long break from both speech and physical therapy through our insurance provider.  There's no way I can afford to continue those therapies at this time.  For that kind of money, I think I'd rather pay for her to get hippotherapy.  That's just an insane amount of money they expect me to shell out each appointment.  Also, my deductible accrual seems to have reset based on the new contract.  I need to ask about that, because I know we'd met the $500. deductible - as it's a balance we're paying on as we can.  I have always said that if you use your insurance, you should pay for it, but given our situation, this seems seriously unfair.

In any case, a new chapter is about to begin and we're hopeful it will be the tool that sends Andi to learn, grow and develop even faster.  She is a little sponge, hungry to learn.  I'm excited to see watch her thrive!!!

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