4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not Fun

Our swallow study has been on the schedule since November.  After which, we meet with the feeding clinic team to discuss results and formulate a game plan.  Our appointment was set for this Thursday.  This weekend, I received a letter from some paper pusher at Kaiser stating they did not approve the external referral, because they've determined they can do this in-house.  Wha.Wha.Wha.WHAT?!  We've done four or five swallow studies over the past two years, and all of a sudden you want to take it in-house?  My mind started flashing all sorts of reasons why this was a bad, bad idea.  Andi KNOWS the radiology people: Tom, Misty; the speech therapists: Nancy, Steve; and of course, our feeding clinic team:  Kristin, Audrey and Dr. Senn.  So, I'm percolating some really bad energy, rather pissed at this very sudden departure from who we have worked with these past two years. When it comes to a professional patient like Andi, who has more specialty appointments than any one person should, and on top of that is often unsure of new people, and sometimes the look of 'oh no, what does this person want to do to me!?'... to all of sudden go from people who she knows, and who know her, it's a really big deal to change away from that. 

To make a long story short, they are bringing us in-house on Friday to do the modified barium swallow on Friday morning - with our regular Kaiser speech therapist.  So, one of my concerns about having to start all over with someone new, whom Andi doesn't know - is resolved, as Andi know her well.  I am disappointed that we won't be seeing our friends up on the hill, but, I've brought them up to speed on all things Andi via email.

Last night, we awoke to Andi projectile puking in our bed. She's been sleeping in our bed for several weeks now, which is an issue we hope to fix soon, especially after last night.  I got her off her back, and into the bathroom where she puked a couple more times.  After she settled down, I brought her upstairs and changed her pajamas, then got her settled back into her bed downstairs. She went back to sleep and I hopped in the shower to get the puke out of my hair.  Daddy Bean changed our sheets, as they were pretty soiled.  Basically, it was a rather gross disruption in the night. She hasn't puked today, but whatever it is, has effected the other end.  So, I have her in her cozy pj's and napping.  I made her some homemade chicken noodle soup for when she wakes up, as I want to give her things that are easy to digest. She's been drinking lots of fluids, so hopefully whatever upset her stomach is being washed away.  I hope so, this kid can't afford any weight loss, and dehydration would derail our 100% orally fed/hydrated.

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