4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ENT Scheduled

Our pediatrician called and left a voicemail Thursday.  He was working up at the hospital that night, and said to page him when I got the message.  I got it the next day...oops!  I hate the phone, and tend to ignore it.  When he called, we spoke about the KP ENT -vs- the hospital ENT and he said it hasn't yet been determined that she needs those tonsils out.  He said that was one opinion.  And basically, after a bit of song and dance, and sorry ... the company line, I lost the request to skip the KP ENT even though I reiterated it a "colossal waste of my time."  My argument did not fall on deaf ears, but, I gotta go through the system.  LAME!  In any case, we have an appointment with a specific KP ENT at the end of the month.  This ENT works out in B.F.E., a.k.a. 15 miles away- one way.  Luckily, our appointment is after a hearing test, so we'll already be halfway out there.  TREAT.  If it is determined that we need to go to the hospital ENT, I wish I could send KP a bill for my wasted time, energy and gas.  Oh well.  We'll see what happens.  Ultimately, the most important thing is Andi and her well-being and everything else doesn't matter.  It shouldn't anyway.

I played a bit with the design of the blog and voila! it's changed.  I left the "three Bean salad" photo header though... those are just too cute to replace.  Seems like it was yesterday, but, it was so last year!  Never want to forget how far we've come though.  So, with that being said, they stay!

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