4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deep Sleeping.

Bean has started the slow recooping process.  She's doing 'well' so far.  She's been through major surgery, traumatic surgery, invasive surgery.  Therefore, she has started to swell -- natures way of protecting itself.  She is on a lot of monitors, a lot of med's, and has more medical visitors than ever.  Some are just social calls, checking on the sweet Bean.  She is super sweet.  However, when she gets mad -- everyone is going to know it.  I found it funny to hear today from her PICU nurse that a nurse from another floor warned her not to anger our Bean.

I spoke to the Bean today, and she started to stir.  We don't want that right now, so I tried to talk her into sleeping through as much of this as possible.  I tell her to fight when they tell her to, but do not fight the Dr's & nurses.  At this point, they're keeping her asleep, relaxed, and at a point where her body has the least amount of work to do.  It's time to start healing.

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