4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, November 26, 2018

Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Preface:  First rule of web page design for businesses:  put your fricken office hours on your website. *grrrr*

Now that THAT has been said... let's move on.  I emailed Dr. Steve first thing this morning (because their hours weren't on their website) to let him know of the Ponto/Soft Band debacle.  He replied within minutes APOLOGIZING and said he'd be there today until 2, but if he wasn't there to ask for 'so-and-so'.  This was probably one of a few things that has happened to us here in the great state of Georgia where I felt like my old medical Mom.  Just in time for surgery Friday!!!  It reminded me of the days in Portland, where all I had to do was email, page, or go see Dr. Cohen (Andi's Portland Pediatrician) and voila!  shit would get DONE!  Although, I don't hanker for being so entrenched in the medical community anymore, it really serves a medical parent more when the Dr's just trust that you have your shit together.  I mean, I've had them (and many therapists) all say, 'you have NO idea the level of horrible parents that are out there.'  But as someone who has been through and through the system of referrals, specialists, therapists, clinics, and weekly Dr's appointments - when your damn pediatrician and his wonderful nurse Chani, is closer to you than your own best friends... that means your a medical parent.  When you can break down crying in front of them, overwhelmed and having a basic melt-down... it's refreshing to know they genuinely care, and truly want to help... 

Today, reminded me of that.  I blew into the ENT office and basically barfed my long story all over the receptionist.  I never used my last name.  She said, 'Miller's?' and I think I twisted my head to an angle with a smile and said, 'YES!' and she picked up a box that Dr. Steve had left for us in case I came in and he was unavailable.  

Turns out my timing was perfect.  He saw one of his patients back and then came back up front.  I showed him what had happened.  He said, 'hang on a second' and took the Ponto back.  He emerged with the Ponto freed of the clip, and we have a new soft band.  He clipped it all together and said, 'let me just make sure.  When she gets to attach to the anchors, we won't need this anymore!'  He's so excited for Andi and the improvements in her hearing.  He said to send her his best and he looked forward to seeing her again soon!  She's definitely noticed the big difference and this whole exercise might be the buffer to keep her from getting too nervous about the surgery on Friday.

Mentally, I'm about as prepared as I can be.  I confirmed with her ENT today via email that we should refrain from gymnastics for 2-4 weeks, which is fine.  Her anchors solidifying in her bone is far more important than her ability to do a backwards somersault, and we're likely with refrain for the full six weeks if you ask me.

Baby girl is happily reunited with her Ponto and a new soft band.  She is marathon watching clips from the Voice of people singing, one of her favorite things.  Until the show comes on in 20 minutes... love watching how excited she gets... and trust me - she knows all the contestants names.  It's unreal.

So, here we are a few days out and we're truckin' along toward Friday. Ready or not, here we come!

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