4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pee Piles & Antibiotics = GOOD TIMES!

Potty Training ain't for wimps!  Today, we haven't had much luck either, but this afternoon... the pipe burst and the Bean pee'd all over the kitchen floor.  She looked down seemingly surprised by the puddle at or on her feet.  She'd pick up a foot and then try to move away from it, but find herself still submerged. We're working the potty training chart, earning a sticker for each attempt.  Sometimes, I just want to stick her in a diaper, close the office door and let her continue to listen to Pharrell over and over... (uhm, that's going on this minute!)

Two days ago, we met our new audiologist.  Liked her instantly on the phone, and just as well in person.  She tested Andi's hearing and came up with similar findings as the Portland Audiologists!  Yippie.  They even put in a new tube to fix the one Andi pulled out of her ear mold.  It's a bit long though and makes the actual aid fall off her ear.  Boo! ... but an easy fix.

Yesterday, I called to get Andi in to see her new pediatrician before the 6/23 'Wellness Check'.  Thus, also giving me an opportunity to pick-up her 400 page medical file they scanned into their system.  The retriever of that file said, 'whoa! that's a lot!'  I didn't have the nads to say, 'yeah, and that's just the Kaiser file, not the hospital file.'  I thought Andi had a nice case of pink eye caused by touching her eyes with dirty (poopy) hands.  Turns out the cold she's had for awhile is a bit of an infection, so she's now being treated with Amoxicillian for 10 days. The goop out of her eyes is considered mucous coming out from the sinuses.  I guess I should hand-back my white Dr's coat (that I bought at Marshall's) and hang up my fake stethoscope.  Time to stop self-diagnosing... ugh.  But hopefully, she'll be snot-free soon.

When we go back for that wellness check, the Dr. wants to spend a full 1/2 hour appointment.  Before that appointment, she said she will make time to read Andi's file, as I just gave her the highlights during yesterday's appointment. I need to have all my papers in a row for the Katie Beckett Waiver and she'll sign what I need her to.  All in all, felt good about about the initial meeting.


Here's Andi's first car.  A convertible, of course!  Still working with the company to troubleshoot the lack of horn & engine noises.  Hope we can fix quickly, because I'm sure Andi will be all about tooting the horn like Max, a character in a book she likes!

Having A Ball!
 Andi took uncle down the street to Catch Air... a super fun place to play.  Andi's been doing some couch diving since, having discovered she likes the sensory input.

Princess Andi!   


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