4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miss Social Strikes Again

Andi is a rather social little kid.  She waves at people, smiles with her tongue out, flirts, waves again... sometimes she'll say a rather enthusiastic, "Hi!"  Today, after riding bikes for about 10 miles, we suited up and headed to the neighborhood pool.  So thankful to have this perk!  The neighborhood pool is all sorts of awesome!  After we spent a good 45 minutes in the pool, we got out to de-prune.  Andi instantly started flirting with this man sitting on the lounge chair next to us.  That turned into waving at his wife across the table.  She kept flirting and flirting and flirting... next thing we knew their neighborhood friends showed up, and their daughter, and a few others stopped by to chat.  Miss charming had them all swooning.  She didn't even want to go into the water with Mommy and Daddy, no she wanted her new friends to take her.  She told them she loved each one of them, and simply had a ball.  With time, I told them about CHARGE and gave a glimpse at some of the good times she's had these past four years.  We're giddy at the connection we made, because now we know some people from the neighborhood!  YIPPIE!  I'm even signing up to join the women's tennis group in the fall.  Super excited about that.  Apparently, it's a lot of fun with a focus more on food and beverages than getting uber competitive on the court.  We also saw a neighbor a few houses down that we've met a time or two.  He's aching to get back to So. California, and I said I understood - as we just felt that way about getting here and out of rainy-town, U.S.A. 

In any case, due to our new friends, we spent about two extra hours at the pool than we intended.  Daddy Bean wasn't as diligent with his sunscreen, so ... let me say that he won't be teased as being the pasty-white guy from Oregon at the office anymore.  Andi did not get sunburned at all.. and although she left the pool super exhausted, she's finishing up her first hour in bed singing her songs and still going!  Hopefully, she settles down soon so she doesn't get too worn down.  It has got to be exhausting being so charming... and Miss Andi Bean is definitely charming, borderline ham!!!  :)

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