4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Building A Belly, Belly, Belly!

We've been building Bean's belly. It's been rather easy lately, as all she seems to want to do is play on the IPad and eat.  She's been eating rather healthy stuff too.  Honestly, I think what's really helping is the whole chocolate milk.  She drinks a lot of it, although she doesn't much care for plain milk.  I don't blame her, I can't stand plain milk either.  But, the calcium and calories are so vital.  Last night, we had rotisserie chicken and Andi could not get enough of it.  It was awesome!  Protein is vital too.  In any case, things are going really really well on the feeding. 

The walking hasn't been that great lately.  She has seemed a little more wobbly since she had that flu.  My guess is the ears are bugging her.  I think her left ear, where the tube is working itself out, has been giving her a bit of trouble.  It's just a guess.  We have both PT and OT tomorrow, so, maybe we can work on some new ideas for encouraging her to walk more.  I was called yesterday to "preregister" for the PT appointment.  She said the appointment could cost up to $240., I think I started hyperventilating.  She said I could take care of that cost over the phone.  I said 'no thanks!' I'm prepared to give them $20., and that's about it.  I think I'll work on paying down the deductible over the year.  They can kiss my ... grits.

Although I feel like I'm fighting a bit of a cold, (why yes, it was only two weeks ago that I had stomach flu!) I've made myself a massage appointment for tonight.  Daddy Bean is leaving early tomorrow for a few days in NJ for work.  So, he suggested I take my night off because it will be awhile until I can have another night off.  So, a prepaid one & a half hour massage it is!  Yippie! It's been so long since I've had one, I probably have about eight prepaid massages to use!  I will, eventually, with glee.

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