4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Most days, we float around, go about our business and do our thang.  Some days though, we tread water.  We tread water in the deep end and sometimes struggle to keep our heads above the water line. Today was one of those days.  An early start.  One where you keep hitting the snooze button, hoping and aching for more rest.  Andi slept, but I had to get up.  To go anywhere, it's a mass production.  It takes a lot of thought, preparation, time.  By noon, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and felt myself drowning. Sometimes, this life is much too hard.  The constant juggle.  The pressure for progress.  The hope for more. The desire for simplicity.  The wish for more time.

When I feel myself overcome by life, I've found what alleviates my mind, heals my soul, and relaxes my nerves.  What else, but some pure Bean love & laughter.  (the video didn't turn out...but she was laughing.)  It's like diving into the cool water on a hot summer day and spending the day floating on your back.  Floating with your ears submerged in the water, the world falls away and you're surrounded by peace and quiet.  Comforted by only the sound of your breathing.

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