4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


FINALLY!  It has finally been documented that the Bean is a rolly polly puddin' pie!

In addition to that, she visibly responded to her name, super cute. Especially cute since she did not have her hearing aid in.  There's a lot more video, but watching a movie to decompress tonight seemed more important than video editing.  Sadly, I just realized I cropped the video incorrectly... will re-do at some point tomorrow.

The message has been sent to part of the team guiding Andi's feeding issues.  The G-Tube has got to go.  I'm hoping we can draw up a plan to fast-track its removal.  Although it has helped us thus far and was really our only option, it's time for it to go bye-bye! I don't want to jeopardize Andi's progress or growth, but we need to outline a set of goals and a game-plan to fast track this for the garbage.  There will be one helluva party when we get there.  Hopefully, it happens sooner than later.

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