4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Waiting Game

Surgery was postponed due to the fever.  They have to await test results to see what could be causing the fever.  An infection?  Another UTI? a URI? a cold?  Coming in this morning, she still has a fever, and a cold cloth on her head. Right now it's around 101, but we have yet to hear what it did overnight.  I'm guessing it was high since they have the cool cloth on her head.  She got a new IV.  This one is to give her fluids, as the urine output & sweating have decreased, and her blood work shows that her creatin, which indicates kidney function, is high.  These things point to her being a little dry.  Again, we're in a constant battle of too wet/too dry using the two different type of diuretics to help her body deal with her heart & lungs working so hard.  We haven't yet gotten our morning update from the nurse, nor the rounding report.  Cardiology left me a voice mail last night stating that they are looking at dates to reschedule the surgery.  Next week most likely.  However, we're awaiting the respiratory swab results, and that takes 48 hours for preliminary results.  In the meantime, hospital policy is that any medical personnel coming into this room has to be in full gowns, gloves, face masks, while we await the respiratory infection results.  That way, if it is positive, they don't take any germs and spread it to another patient.  It's a big scarlett letter on our door, but the kid next door has similiar instructions, so that, plus this being our 2nd time with this restriction, we're not so mortified.

So, we sit here and wait.  Wait for her to clear her fever, and keep it cleared.  Wait for test results.  Wait to hear the rescheduled date. Seems all we do is wait.  It's more than difficult to be patient.  But if Andi Bean isn't ready, nor 100% for the surgery, waiting isn't a bad thing.

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  1. UGH!!! Sorry she has a fever and you have to wait after all that anxiety leading up to the date of surgery now has to start all over again with the new surgery date and now the rest of the fam has to wait too UUUGGGHH. But she needs to be tip top going into it in order to be a strong fighter! still thinking of you often and wishing for it to happen soon!Thanks for the update.