4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Resilient Bean

Spoke with the Attending, and he said the Bean is doing well.  She hasn't had any spit-up's, major leakage, or any other sort of problems lately.  Her IV fell out overnight, so, they've switched her antibiotics to the G-Tube.  The surgeon resident-du-jour is supposed to come by to discuss her G-Tube with me.  I'm guessing he wants to explain why we shouldn't take that .5 ml of water out of the balloon.  Since she's doing so well lately, I'm afraid to make ANY changes.  However, if she does start to have spit-up issues again, we're going to try the NJ tube again with lots and lots of med's prior to.  Wow, I've been heard!  Kind of empowering.

We're going to do another chest x-ray tomorrow, as well as labs, so that the Attending coming on for the week on Monday, has current info.  As of now, Saturday morning, all indicators would point to her surgery being on schedule for Wednesday.  But one upchuck could aspirate those lungs again and we could be back in wait n' see mode.

I have to admit, I can't stop watching the video I shot of her yesterday.  It is an amazing testament to the resiliency of babies that she laughs, smiles and let's her lil' personality shine through.  If you could see her hands & feet closely, you'd see pin pricks galore and bruises, from all the blood draws, IV insert points and remnants of days past.  I hope to look back on this time in our lives and sigh with relief -- having put this hospital living behind us.  I know she will never remember any of this, other than bonding us tighter than ever, but, I will never forget or relax from this experience. Savor every moment.  I hope to really embrace that as a way of life.

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