4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, December 15, 2018

It's A Snap!

One of Andi's bestie's is also going through the BAHA (anchor implant) upgrade.  She got her devices attached and was clapping... stopped and said, "I can hear myself clapping!"  I asked her Mom if I could steal a snapshot - to give Andi's audience a preview of what the abutment, once implanted (early June) will look like...

So, you see the "snap" behind her ear?  This is what the hearing device clips into and honestly, it improves their hearing - as it is a more direct route to the bone....which send the sound vibrations directly to her auditory nerve.  In any case, this is what Andi's future looks like.  I'm so glad that one of her bestie's in the community is going through it too - as it gives us someone to relate to on this solution.  I am excited for Andi's ability to hear better than ever.  Each instance we get closer to it - she definitely hears more. Which makes this all worth it.  It's a snap!

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