4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, October 8, 2018

Chatter Box Bean

Every night I put Andi to bed, we have this routine of making sure everything is in its place, give a dozen 'a hug & a kiss' - a few I love you ASL signs and good night's.  Once I exit the room and shut the door, she starts talking.  And I mean, TALKING.  "Hi! How are you? How was your day?"  She rattles one side of a conversation that lasts a good 1/2 hour. She runs through her whole day. Conversations she's had.  Gives instructions to her audience, like she has heard throughout the day.  I think it's her way of processing, categorizing her day - and one way she can remember so much more than most.  However, a part of me wonders if she's chatting up a storm with our ancestors, ala the movie Heart and Souls (staring Robert Downey Jr.)  She is just talking and talking, and this happens every single night.  
* Product of an only child? 
* Product of a spiritual nature? 
* Crazy ass kid processing her day?  
Whatever the reason, I love hearing her chatter her thoughts. It's insightful to what she doesn't offer during the evening hours.  Right now she's insistent about "not taking off our shoes" - something I had to tell her in the store earlier today.  Now she's talking about Kelly.  I'm guessing it's my friend, but it could be Kelly Clarkson from the Voice.  I can't tell.  It's comical, adorable and I savor these instances where I can slow down and just listen. My baby girl isn't always going to talk to me... so, right now, I just need to enjoy the chatter box Bean.

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