4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Birthday Party #2, #3, and #4

So, Andi is not your typical kid.  She never has been.  Most kids get a birthday party with friends, then maybe just a small family celebration.  Not Andi.  Oh no, as if 30 people at her kids birthday party wasn't enough, Andi gets to go to Montgomery where her Poppa and Ginga live and have a whole separate party.  There were something like 22 people all coming together for dinner, cake and presents at the club.  Andi has a whole posse of adult friends over there that simply dote over her.  Again, Andi is not the typical kid.  She never has been, never will be.  Sorry, she's simply a magnet of awesome that draws people in.  As for the birthday party, there were 'Reserved for Andi's Birthday Party' signs all over the tables, table decorations, a massive Ariel balloon, and gifts at the center of the table, Andi's princess thrown.  Unfortunately, Andi's stomach wasn't cooperating, so she spent a majority of the party not feeling well.  However, she still rallied and reveled in all the birthday glory.  The next night, she enjoyed birthday party #3, with Poppa, Ginga, uncle Chris, uncle Art, auntie Chelle Chelle, and of course, her chauffeur & caretakers... Mom & Dad -- the ol' ball & chains.  Luckily, Andi's stomach was feeling better this day, so she got to enjoy some steak, mac & cheese, and all the fixin's.  On this night, she actually got to enjoy her ice cream cake.  Andi got to spend a lot of time with her extended family this trip and she throughly enjoyed herself.  She went to the pool with Ginga, and made new friends.  She just savors all the attention from the various people.  So at some point this weekend, we need to carve out time to make more 'Thank You' cards... as we all are very thankful for seven full years of Andi Bean... 

Prepping for my party at the salon!

I wanted and I got rainbow colored fingers and toes

New party outfit, too bad I threw up on it at my party!

I don't feel good!


I do love me a good mirror!

Belly-up to the bar with my Unkie!

I'm cool, yo!

My shared birthday ice cream cake!

Styling one of my three new swimsuits!

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