4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Potty Training and Job Hunting ... Pretty Much The Same Thing

Today, Andi has tried several hours of potty training, unsuccessfully.  She seems to know not to go when she's bare-butt.  But, she hasn't yet made that connection to let it go on the potty.  She just seems to "hold-it", which isn't good for a long time, per her former urologist.  After a few hours, she wouldn't let me put a diaper back on.  I pushed and pushed, and thankfully, she relented.  Will try again, but I really seem to lack the patience and consistency of potty training.  I'm about to beat my head against a wall over it though.

At the urging of Daddy Bean & a lack of job offers blowing up my phone, I've resurrected Anna's INK, which is also now Anna's INK 123 -- due to some unfortunate tattoo lady stealing my old name.  There's a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a website showcasing a small sampling of my portfolio.  For some of the jobs I've applied for, they've required a portfolio or writing samples.  Being I have four Facebook pages, four Twitter accounts, four g-mail accounts, this blog, two videos out on You Tube, and a book that I haven't yet finished... this website might be a great one-stop shopping showcase of all things I do.  Not to mention all this dazzling personality and talent!  HA!  Here's a quick list of links of all my greatness.  May it help me find a dreamy job to replace my current one that is ready for me to be gone. 

Calendar Website:

Anna’s INK Website:




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