4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, May 9, 2014

Changing Plans

Today has not gone as planned, at all.  I awoke in a funk of haze.  After Andi got on the bus, I came into the office to get cracking on all things.  I sat here and just found myself unable to get going.  So, I put on my workout clothes, grabbed the dog, and headed outside.  We did a walk/run to the end of the neighborhood and back.  Pretty quick trip, but it got the blood pumping. Not long after my shower I got a call from Andi's teacher.  I said, 'uh oh!  what's wrong?'  Apparently, Andi puked on the bus this morning, and I needed to come get her.  She puked with an empty stomach.  That usually indicates a gas build-up and thus some reflux.  [I did feed her kielbasa and baked (farty) beans for dinner last night!]  I picked her up and she was rather quiet.  We drove back toward the house, with the plan to stop off at the new pediatrician's office.  They need a copy of Andi's 400-page medical file, which arrived yesterday!  So we navigated the campus, the parking lot, the various buildings.  She walked most of the way holding my hand.  She was still quiet and seemed very tired.  Hmmm, I thought... she must be exhausted from this week.  While we were out, we ran to Costco to restock our basics:  wine, wine, wine, oh, and a rotisserie chicken (of course!).  We got home and I fixed her a hot dog.  She ate, and I thought, hmm, she probably hasn't eaten all day.  When she gets to school, they have breakfast.  However, if she got sick on the bus, they probably didn't feed her.  She started to perk up, and I felt bad... she was hungry.  I checked her hearing aid and the battery was dead.  I felt bad about that too, but knew something else was amiss when she didn't sing along to her favorite songs in the car.  After lunch, I determined she still needed to lay down and try to nap.  That was 3.5 hours ago.  She is still sleeping.

Yep, something's up. 

She had a cold last week... wondering if it's trying to make a comeback!  Either way, I'm letting her sleep and sleep and sleep.  Poor Beano!

Meanwhile, the guys came to clean & service the hot tub!  This house came with an outdoor hot tub.  It's been neglected!  It needed a good scrubbing!  I was surprised how little they charged for that... but, it's all dialed in and warming up!  We can use it tonight if we want!  Yippie,

Earlier this week, these guys were here to install the pool table we bought last weekend.  Daddy Bean has always wanted a pool table, we had a little money left and the room... so we went for it!  Just for the record, we've played two sets of three games this week.  The winner of both of those sets is ...   ...yours truly!  My streak might not last, but least it's documented here for public consumption and record. 

Andi's awake finally.  Seemingly restored, and hungry.  She's sitting with her iPad on the couch watching Miley Cyrus videos.  I'm trying to figure out how to remedy (uhm, block) that.  Nothing like letting your near 4-year old watch Miley in her underwear swing back and forth on a ball.  I must be getting old, because my tolerance (uhm, appreciation is a stretch) for that shit is gone, gone, gone. 

So, today hasn't gone as planned.  Plans derail. Plans change. It's how you regroup and rebound from the obstacles that jump in your way.  On that note, Miley's gotta go!  Toddles.

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