4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ear Infection, Round 2

Andi thought it would be fun to get up early this morning.  She cried and cried.  Normally, we let her cry it out and she usually calms herself, rolls over and goes back to sleep.  This morning, the cries got progressively more demanding.  So, I came up to her room, grabbed her out of her crib, (which instantly stopped the crying), and brought her downstairs to the bed.  Normally, she'll curl up with me and go back to sleep.  This morning, she wasn't doing that, so up before the crow we were.  She asked for water and shunned her chocolate milk, which left me asking, "really?!"  Normally, I give her the Ipad when she wakes and that entertains her through the grumps of waking up.  Well, the Ipad battery is dead and the charger is over at Grandma & Grandpa's house, to which we have yet to retrieve it.  So, without that, I put on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!  As long as YGG is on, or a Signing Time video, she was fine.  But she was easily distracted and whiny, often climbing off the couch, crawling or cruising over to me, and then demanding to be held.  After I put her back for the umpteenth time, she pointed to her left ear and cried.  Uh-Oh.  It was just after seven, so I placed the call. 

The foolish woman on the phone said that I should just have the advice nurse call me, and they can redo her antibiotic prescription over the phone & that way I won't have to bring her in when she's not feeling well.  I said, 'well, I'll have to bring her in regardless to pick up the script. But, okay.'  So, an hour later I was contacted by a Ped's nurse who knew who were are!  I knew they wouldn't in any way shape or form send Andi packing with a script without seeing her.  Not my girl.  So, we were to be seen two hours later.  An hour after that call was made, Andi was acting like her usual self again.  I got us out the door, and over to see a different pediatrician as our usual Dr. is on vacation.  The nurse we saw totally knew us, as she'd seen us in the past.  She too knew that Andi is Chani's (our pediatrician's nurse) favorite, and promptly told us that she'll be back 7/1 from maternity leave.  The Dr. came in and quickly confirmed what I believed to be true...the ear infection is back (if it ever truly left) and we'd need to get on a different antibiotic.  The funny thing is, we knew this pediatrician too, as she once shadowed our cardiologist up at the hospital.  It cracks me up how small this world seems at times.  Both the nurse and Dr. were blown away at how well Andi is doing.  Again, the sentiment I hear from professionals is wonderful, although a bit concerning that they didn't expect her to do so well.  Anyhow, we stopped at the burrito stand down the street on the way home because we were starving, and I didn't want to get home and have to make lunch.  At home, I sat Andi in her high chair.  I cut up her bean &  rice burrito and gave her some chips.  When she finished, I was checking emails on the computer when I stopped what I was doing, hearing a familiar sound.  I turned around to find this:

Least I didn't have to fight her to take a nap today!  Sadly, this occurred before I was able to give her the first dose of antibiotic.  Oops. 

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