4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Andi's first week at preschool has been a tremendous success! 
The preschooler's breakfast of champions!

Preschool dancing with Bunny!

First ride to school!

Arriving in the classroom!

First day pick-up!

First day celebratory dinner:  Tom's Pizza, which she devoured.

"pizza! yum-yum-yum!!!"

She has seamlessly transitioned into the school, impressing the teachers and therapists.  Upon leaving school after her first day, we recorded this: 

So, her new words this week are "school", "backpack" and "Hi. How are you?!"  She's very friendly and outgoing, although not everyone understands her words.  She is very small compared to the other kids, but pretty happy and considerably well-adjusted.  Some of the other kids talk a lot, some don't talk at all.  They are all adorable in their own way.  One little boy actually dropped his teacher's hand and grabbed mine, as if to have me walk him out to the waiting bus. 

The teacher is pretty pleased with Andi's command of signs and words.  She said she has had a fairly easy time communicating with Andi, which is wonderful.  Andi's new PT is going to get her a different walker.  One that allows all four wheels to rotate, thus hopefully eliminating the steering problem we currently have.  As of now, someone needs to walk along side of her and correct the direction of the walker, as it pulls to the right.  The new walker will hopefully give her a little more independence. 

I'm trying to figure out where I can best spend my time while Andi is at school.  I've been trying to find a place I can set-up a mobile office, using their Wi-Fi.  I have tried two different Starbuck's and neither of those really worked for me.  Too small, too crowded, too loud, and dang it, their coffee just ain't all that great to me anymore.  Today, I left the overcrowded Starbuck's when there wasn't a place to sit and ended up sitting in my truck with my laptop & cell phone.  At one point, I look up and notice Andi's class moving outside to play with balls under this large canopy structure.  The teacher led the bunch, the speech therapist flanked the group carrying Andi's walker, and the teacher's aid, carried Andi.  I sat there and watched from the confines of my truck, and as I continued to watch, tears welled up in my eyes.  It was one of those times when I really noticed how "different" Andi is compared to other kids.  It broke my heart.  She was stood next to her walker and encouraged to join the activity of kicking the ball.  They seemingly worked to include her, but she was definitely an outsider, unable to run and chase the ball with the other kids.  I know being in school will help propel her forward faster than without. I'm thankful she's going where she is going, as I feel these teacher's are really well-equipped to deal with kids with multiple needs. I'm also glad that Andi really seems to like school!

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