4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Not only does the g-tube NOT leak, but it's seemingly completely healed.  Andi is doing great!  She is plugging along, learning new words every single day.  She's learning them quicker and repeating them even more often.  She's starting to really put words together too.  'Hi Dad! How are you?'  "Where's Ashley?" (her favorite gal at Kid's Camp @ the gym.)  So, things are going really well.  We're trying to work on walking.  Yesterday we walked down the street to say "hi" to the trees.  Yes, we're destination walkers.  Gotta have a goal to strive for.  She walked halfway there with her walker, and the rest of the way holding onto my hands.  I figure whatever way we get there, the more she does it, the stronger she'll get.  I haven't noticed huge changes, but I did see something new yesterday.  I sat her on one of her three riding toy and we saw her actually proper herself forward using her feet.  I know that sounds pretty inconsequential, but actually, that's a pretty big deal.  She's getting stronger.

She had a cold a week or two ago, but that has finally gone.  Today, is by far the nicest weather day we've had since last summer.  I got the lawn mowed and some trimming done while Andi naps.  I would be out there now doing a bit more, but that requires some items from the garage.  And... well, when I went out there last time, I saw what I thought was a mouse.  Upon discussing it and it's size, we've determined that it was a rat.  It's just walking around my horribly cluttered garage, like a scene out of Hoarders or such.  I'm so completely grossed out, I probably won't be going in there to clean it out anytime soon.  Ewh! 

We've signed the contract to have our new roof, insulation & gutters done.  There are a lot of repairs to be done to the wood supports.  It's gonna hurt the finances bad, but, it HAS to be done.  Hoping it is smooth sailing with no hidden surprises.  Otherwise, I think I'll implode.  So, here's hoping that all goes without a hitch!  We could use just a little more good luck!  :)

Ooh, lil' bit is waking from her nap!  Time to go enjoy the sunshine!

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