4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catching Up With A Traveling Bean...

Before we left for Alabama, I dropped Andi's crib and went downstairs to get the load of laundry.  I came back upstairs and peaked in on Andi.  Shocked by what I found, I dropped the basket and grabbed the camera.  This is what I found:

We've made some changes to her formula and started out gradual.  Going from 30 cal. Peptamen Jr. to a mixture with Peptamen Jr. 1.5 to make it higher calorie.  It started out okay, but as the recipe got a little heavier, her body started to rebel. The 1.5 makes her gassier, and she has responded by barfing. I've had to result to going back to a mild mixture of the two, adding a ton of water, and venting the air out of her tummy.

We flew to Alabama the other day, first class.  However, our second flight, although short, only offers coach seats.  Where not only are your knees pressed up against the seat in front of you, having a squirmy worm on your lap, isn't very cozy.  Andi apparently didn't like coach class, and promptly threw up.  Most of which I caught with my shirt.  Such a treat for all!

As an extra added bonus, Andi came down with a cold.  We all seem to be fighting it off now.  TREAT!  So, as we fill the washing machine with our Peptamen covered clothes, we're filling the garbage can with piles of Kleenex.  JOY! 

And just so I don't sound like such a whiner, Andi is having a great time with Ginga, Poppa B, Unkle Chris (who taught her the finger move from 'The Shining' - 'redrum!') and the countless stream of friends and family who have raced over to see her.  She's soaking up all the attention with glee!  As we approach Christmas, with the door wide open and the a/c on... (it's been up to 77 degrees here!), we are hoping for a happy, healthy Christmas!

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