4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, August 1, 2011


We've been on vacation...

Over a week ago, we got up at the hour I used to go to sleep during college. It was ridiculous, but we had an early Saturday morning flight.  It was 57 degrees in Portland that morning.  We flew from Portland to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Montgomery.  We arrived around 6 p.m. that night, so, even though it's only a two-hour time change, it was an all-day event to get here.  Andi did great on the plane, and sadly, is growing accustomed to flying first class.  Daddy Bean and I are also finding coach most unbearable anymore.  Spoiled, we are.   The next morning, Daddy Bean & I got up at another most ridiculous hour and flew to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to start ourselves a glorious vacation, from life, and the Bean.  We met friends there and started what would be a six day adventure of doing nothing much in particular.  Our plan this vacation, 'do nothing!'  Usually, we go on vacation and it's 'go, see, do! Go! Go!! Go!!' and we come home even more tired and broke than when we left.  This time, we decided after the hard year we've had, we'd sit on the beach, or at the pool, and let ourselves decompress.  We spent two days in a mediocre hotel, away from the beach, sat at the pool and reacquainted ourselves with sunshine. I actually read one of my O Magazines, a first in easily two years, despite the monthly subscription. We spent a good hour sweltering at the beach there, but did not swim that day.  After two days in FL, we headed to Palm Beach (I'll spare you the four greasy used-car salesmen ordeal...although there are some good tidbits of humor to be found there...) and boarded the Bahamas Celebration cruise.  We set sail at 6 p.m. and enjoyed our one-night cruise to Grand Bahama island.  When we deboarded, we got on a bus and our driver gave us the island low-down on the 15 minute trip to our resort.  An hour in line later, we were finally checked-in.  No matter how long we stayed on the island, I don't think we'd ever adjust the glacial pace things are done there.  "Island Time" ... belch!

Our first day we spent at the pool.  A gloriously long pool, in three sections.  The main attraction was the infinity pool with the swim up bar (that never was tended), and that, is in fact, where we spent the majority of the day.  At one point, I lounged in a chair poolside, while the rest went to play in the ocean.  Next thing I knew, I was asleep in the lounge chair.  I can't remember the last time I relaxed so much.  The sun kisses my skin, the heat warmed my 10 months of rainy town, USA core, and I slept a relaxation level I haven't felt in a long, long time. They had a steal drum man playing throughout the afternoon, and so in addition to all the chatter surrounding us, we were surrounded by the good vacation tunes to remind us that we were indeed, on vacation.  The next day, we went to play in the ocean, pool, and did a bit of shopping as well.  Our friends went on a dolphin encounter, where they got to have dolphins swim around them.  We were hoping to do some snorkeling, but the water was so choppy both days that they wouldn't allow the boats out.  That night, we went to a Bonfire BBQ at another location.  When we boarded the bus to the bonfire, it was rather quiet.  It was a beach bonfire, all-you-can-eat BBQ, all-you-can-drink Bahama Mama's or Kamikaze's -- drinking was heavily encouraged by our super fun host, Michael Jackson -- whom honestly resembled Joe Jackson, in my opinion.  They played music, dancing, games, and relaxing under the stars.  It was a lot of fun.  When we boarded the bus back, the volume was deafening.  The bus driver was a character and had us singing songs like we were headed to summer camp.  It was hysterical. The next day we spent half of the day on the island, and we, once again, opted for beach & pool time.  We'd migrated to a quieter section of beach a bit down the property.  It was so nice & quiet.  Although we were sad to say goodbye to the island, we were starting to really miss our lil' Bean.  We breezed through Bahama customs with compliments on being prepared, and boarded the ship.  We quickly headed to our favorite location, the Sea Breeze Lounge.  It's a huge indoor bar and huge outdoor deck overlooking the back of the ship. We liked to sit in the lounge chairs and enjoy seeing where we've been.  A good analogy for what this vacation was for us.  We really examined where we've been this past year, and with our batteries recharged, we're amped to get cracking on the future. 

Andi did great for Poppa B and Ginga.  She now says 'Poppa', which is pretty dang cute.  There were no trips to the ER this time, but she definitely exhausted them both.  One funny story I must share was when they took her to church one night, and had her in the 'quiet room'.  The priest was speaking his sermon, and apparently, Andi kept saying, 'All Done!'  Which to me, is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.  She also was doing raspberries for everyone.  Quite the entertainer.  The overall opinion is that Andi is getting closer to crawling.  She will roll along, and then get her legs up under her.  She also is able to hold her weight on her arms for a bit, even when I let go.  Now if only she'd take a nap... (insert grumble, grumble here!)  Some days she will, other days - like today, she absolutely refuses.  She is using the expression 'All Done!' all the time.  It's funny, for awhile.  I think she really does know what it means... it's pretty accurate when she uses it.  Like now, when she's desperately trying to get out of the swing (and fight sleep!)  Whiney pants fusses, grabs Froggy, settles into a different position, relaxes, fusses again, then promptly falls into sleepyland.  No joke.  Two hours after trying to get her down... she finally caves!!!!

Infinity pool with swim-up bar!

Aboard the Bahama's Celebration Cruise ship

Sunrise beach view of pool and hotel

Sunrise at the infinity pool

Sunrise at the beach!


Sunrise, with flare!

Sunrise, with more flare!

Rock wall

Jabba-The-Hut cloud

Sunrise beach view of the main hotel

Another sunrise shot



Main hotel lobby

Main hotel entrance

Our Hotel - this is the side we were on

Our hotel - beach view!

Bonfire BBQ - beach view


Bonfire - beach view

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time--very relaxing! I'm glad you could get away, and see when you got back how well the Bean managed while you were having a bit of fun! YAY YOU! :) All Done!